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Science Based Self Mastery

Increase Your Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence…

You don’t have to live with fear, anxiety, or depression…

When you own your emotions you own your life.

The human story is a story of continual transformation… are you ready for yours?

What if you started every day knowing in any given moment you would transform overwhelm, anxiety, depression and fear no matter where you were or what you were doing? What if you woke up energized because you knew whatever the day presents you will face it with confidence and rise to the challenge?

Numbers speak volumes.

After just six to nine weeks of training, studies with over 11,500 people resulted in:

improvement in focus ability


improvement in sleep


improvement in calmness


decrease in anxiety


drop in fatigue


drop in depression

If that weren’t enough, what if you were able to feel more connected to the people you love and care about most? How about feeling empowered enough to not only make a positive impact on your own life, but your community and everyone you interact with?

Does this sound impossibly great? It’s not. Millions of people are already living this type of life every day.  What is their secret? Everyone has a different story as to how they arrived. Some had easier, more direct paths than others. What’s important is that people just like you made it. How you get there doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you give yourself a chance to arrive at greatness.

Transformation is your birthright. It’s the human story. The Phoenix rising from the ashes. It’s ingrained in our DNA, it’s what grabs our attention in all great stories. If you’re not transforming, you’re not living fully. Now with the help of science you can begin your transformation.

Introducing Self Mastery Training

Personal growth does not happen from reading a book, meditating on a yoga mat, exercising, or eating well. It HAPPENS in the throes of conflict – when you feel anger, fear, anxiety. It’s in these moments that a choice appears. Growth happens when you begin to see you actually have a choice.

Self Mastery empowers you to clearly see all of your options in any situation

Self Mastery is a series of science-based training techniques that are proven to help you reduce stress, anxiety, and depression by learning to access your heart’s intuition. You’ve probably heard the saying, “Listen to your heart.” Heart Math is a science based method of listening to your heart.

Benefits of Self Mastery Training

HeartMath is based on over 26 years of research. The effectiveness of Self Mastery training has been validated by over 400 independent peer reviewed studies and recommended by thousands of health professionals. It’s used by hospitals, schools, corporations, and humanitarian organizations.

The Heart Brain Connection

In school we’re taught that the heart responds to “orders” or neural signals sent by the brain. The truth is the heart actually is sending more signals to the brain than the brain to the heart. These signals significantly impact your emotional processing and cognitive faculties like attention, perception, memory, and problem solving. The heart brain connection is supported by 40 years of research.

How Your Heart Influences Your Emotions

When you face a stressful situation or have negative emotions, your heart’s rhythm pattern is erratic and inhibits your brain’s higher cognitive functions. This results in a limited ability to think clearly, remember, learn, reason, and make good decisions. This is why we sometimes make impulsive and unwise decisions under stress.

Why Your Heart’s Rhythm Matters

Your heart, even under resting conditions, has a surprisingly irregular rhythm. The naturally occurring beat-to-beat variation is called heart rate variability (HRV). These variations are usually overlooked when a person’s average heart rate is measured. With emWave and Inner Balance technology you can observe the actual changing rhythm of your heart in real time. HRV is an important indicator that marks your physiological resilience and behavioral flexibility.

How Transformation Training Works

Self Mastery is a stress management system that helps you learn how to synchronize your brain and heart for optimal stress resistance and mental performance. With training you’ll learn how to get into a coherent state in about one minute with the Quick Coherence Technique. You’ll learn how to transform your stress and find inner balance enabling you to make rational decisions based on relevant information – not fear or anxiety.

Choose the Training Format that’s Right for You


Meet personally for Gabriella for six personalized sessions from the comfort of your home or office via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or Phone call.

Couples Training

Transformation training is very effective for couples wanting to enhance their relationship and take it to another level and learn to communicate effectively.

Group Sessions

Group settings for families, coworkers or friends are amazingly powerful. Training can be combined with other modalities of training and therapy to enhance results.

Meet Gabriela Radová

Self Mastery Certified Trainer & Transformation Mentor

This is really about you, but you probably want to know about me before taking the next step. We’ll get to know more about each other during the initial consultation, but for now I want to tell you why I’m here and why this is important to me. So here we go…

I’ve been a successful entrepreneur in the world of health, fitness, and relationships for many years. I’m a mother of two and was born and raised in Prague.  I’ve started three successful businesses while raising two teenagers. I was making great money, eating right, getting exercise, meditating, but I still couldn’t find happiness. It seemed like no matter what I did I just couldn’t get to a fulfilling place personally – and my relationships with loved ones and friends were suffering.

I was always in high gear, always going, but didn’t know where. Things got so bad that I found myself going through a divorce and my relationship with my children was strained. Something had to change.

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Fortunately, I love to research and try anything that is backed by science. This led me to discovering something so simple, yet so profound – I discovered the power of brain-heart coherence. This is when my life forever changed.

At the time I owned a very successful body aesthetic company. People were paying me a lot of money to transform their physical appearance so they would “feel better.” I think they did feel better, but it never lasted. It was a temporary band aid and it was never enough. I was doing the same thing myself, just in a different way.

I didn’t want this for myself, my children, or my clients. That’s when I realized I couldn’t help anyone, until I helped myself. After I completed my Self Mastery training and started implementing  the techniques in my life everything changed. I found the most meaningful and deep relationship I’ve ever experienced. My relationship with my teenagers became strong, healthy, and filled with gratitude and love from both sides.

I transformed in a way I never imagined possible. I found the meaning and purpose I had been in search of for so long. It was then that I knew I could truly help people – because I had gone through it myself.

I sold my successful business and began my training to become a Self Mastery certified mentor. . Now I’m here and I’m so  thrilled that you’re here reading this now. Thank you for taking the time to hear my story. I can’t wait to hear yours.

What You Get with Your Mentorship

  • Coherence of the heart to brain.
  • Learn on the go techniques that you can use in the moment.
  • Easy techniques you can use while:
    • Driving
    • Dealing with an upset partner
    • Navigating unexpected conflict and more!

When you master your emotions, you master your life.

Getting Started with Gabriela is Easy


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This is where we find out if we want to work together. We’ll discuss your goals and both decide if we want to move forward with training.


Enjoy Your New Life

Start realizing your greatest potential and discover the meaning and purpose that you’ve been searching for.

Start realizing your greatest potential and discover the meaning and purpose that you’ve been searching for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does the program take?

We meet for six sessions and then have a “drop-in” session whenever you feel like you need a tune-up. We can also schedule a monthly session for once a month to check in. In some cases, for very busy individuals we can do just one session – this is more suitable for a sudden crisis that arises and quick coherence tune ups.

How often will we meet and for how long?

Once a week is recommended but it can be once every two weeks. We will discuss meeting frequency during your consultation and what works the best with your schedule. One session will be 50 minutes to one hour long.

How will we meet?

From the comfort of your home or office via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or Phone call. Although, I recommend the first session or two via Zoom or Skype.

How fast can I expect results?

When you practice you will feel the difference immediately. For long-term gain and change of habitual patterns, results can be seen as soon as three weeks, but for most it takes about four to six weeks for your habitual patterns to change.

Does Self Mastery work for everyone?

Self Mastery can be combined with therapy and other modalities you work with to enhance results.

Is Self Mastery just meditation, relaxation and breathing techniques?

Simply stated, no. The techniques you will learn are coherence-building tools that bring about physiological changes and this is key for increasing our ability to more intelligently self-regulate. You can’t meditate in the heat of conflict, but you can access your Self Mastery techniques.

Do you work with groups?

Yes! Group settings are amazingly powerful!

Is Self Mastery just for individuals or can my partner and I do sessions together?

Self Mastery is not only great for individual sessions, but it’s very effective for couples wanting to enhance their relationship and take it to another level and learn to communicate effectively. Communication is the key to a successful long-term relationship. Most couples know this, but don’t have the toolkit to begin communicating effectively.



My experience doing Self Mastery was very strange. In the beginning, I was very hesitant, but Gabriela was very gentle with me, allowing me to figure it out. Throughout the process, I was challenged and had to learn how to motivate myself. It was difficult but easy with the help of Gabriela.


When I first started doing Self Mastery, I thought it was different. I didn’t understand how this could help me. But over the course of a few weeks I started to see a difference. The patience and the ability Gabriela had towards me was wonderful. The process was nerve wracking but towards the end I loved doing it. It truly did help with my anxiety and depression. Thanks to Gabriela and her never giving up on me. I would recommend everyone I know to do this.


I first became aware of Self Mastery while having a conversation with Gabriela about weight loss and excessive stress. I explained to her that I am a financial manager and analyst who day-trades securities online part-time. She asked a few questions about what I currently do to relax. I said, “Well, I meditate a few times a week but I mostly rely upon swimming, sauna and hot tub time to unwind.” My biggest complaint was the time those practices took out of my schedule. They are effective but very time consuming. I sit in front of a computer getting stressed out because of the moving markets all day and I need something to destress me on command. She said, Self Mastery can do that in minutes. “Minutes?” I said. “Minutes.” she said. She had my full attention.


Life changing!! I started doing Self Mastery with Gabriela 3 months ago and the results have been immediate and drastic. I have had a long history with general anxiety and occasional panic attacks. Through working with Gabriela, I have been able to change my response to stressful situations in my personal and professional life. Racing thoughts and difficultly in making timely decisions used to be huge problems for me. Through the Self Mastery techniques I have learned and put into practice I can now quite my mind and make decisions from my heart. The result has been more confidence, more peace of mind and more serenity in my life. I feel like I have become the person I was always meant to be but was always held back from old thoughts and actions.

I highly recommend Gabriela. She explains the Self Mastery teachings and techniques in ways that make it easy to understand and apply to everyday situations. I wish I found this earlier in my life. I am very grateful that I have found it and now have these tools in my life. I am looking forward to taking the next level courses!